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 Request form for custom techs

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PostSubject: Request form for custom techs   Wed Sep 16, 2009 12:21 pm

Ok so u want to make your own tech?

Well there is a few things that u need to do.

First you need to make a new topic in custom tech and post wether it is an finisher, super finisher, combo, ect...

Post the name of the ability and the effect you want it to have. If its a move your tring to make that does massive dmg i will suggest that the dmg be lowerd before accepted.

To learn your custom move u have to either write a role play on how u learned it by yourself, or u can meditate on learning it in your head for 24 hours without moving. Meaning you cant do anything else. Wink some custom moves that are strong will cost you bp to be able to learn since without a little battle experience i dont think it would be right to let you learn a strong move.

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Request form for custom techs
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