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PostSubject: Kira   Tue Dec 14, 2010 9:28 pm

Racial Ability: Gain 20% extra bonus even if they lose ( get 5k pl for their loss, racial ability gives 6k instead of 5k )
Planet: Earth
Kicks and punches is 5% strength for dmg
Grapple is 10% of strength
Ki blasts are 10% of ki
Galick Gun- This move is very similar to the Kamehameha, it is barley weaker.
Dmg-18% of ki
Masenko- This move is similar to the Kamehameha wave in power and size.
Dmg- 22.5% of ki
Tri-Beam- A blast which is formed in a triangular formation of the users hands and then fired at the opponent
Dmg-20% of ki
-This attack hits all opponents on the field and can only be used when there is more than one opponent

pl 489,200
HP : 488,600
Ki : 150k
Strength : 200k
Speed : 110k/Sight Speed: 220k
Intelligence : 11.2k
Bp: 22
6,250 zenie

Oozaro: A giant monkey that increases a saiyan's pl, but loses all reason...
PL Increase: 1.2x normal
Pl Needed: N/A ( always can use )
Requirement: Must be a full moon created by the artificial moon technique

Super Saiyan: The legendary warrior has awoken! in this form a saiyan's hair turns gold along with their aura... Huge power level increase!
PL Increase: 1.5x normal 375k pl when super saiyan

Weapon: Z Sword Price
-Effect: Changes normal attack from 5% to 10%, can sever limbs
Armor: improved Saiyan armor
-Effect: Lowers damage you would take from attack by 5%
Minon:sabiamen seeds (7)
Misc: Senzu beans (2)

Space Travel Items: Saiyan space pod,

Training Gear: Wieghted training shirt
Fighter's Gi: A weighted Gi that has some defense properties.
Effect: Plus 5% to defense, adds 500 to pl in training..
10 Ton Boots - Weighted boots for training.
Effect: Adds 200 to pl in training.
Price: 1000
10 Ton Wristbands - Weighted wristbands for training.
Effect: Adds 200 to pl in training. can fit over your 1 ton wristband
Price: 1000

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