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Strength : 7500
Speed : 7500
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PostSubject: genesis   Thu Dec 30, 2010 4:55 am

Name: Genesis

Race: demon

Gender: male

Age: 1216

Home world: Earth

Alignment: evil


History: during the first 100 or so years of genesis creation he was the guardian of the dark star dragon balls but as the dark power tempted the poor soul of genesis he summed shenron and
wished for immortality so shenron granted the wish but warped it so he couldn't die because he wouldn't have a soul so because of that wish he has bean cursed with the life of a demon

Personality: he is a cold emotionless creation forged in the pits of hell

Power Level: 29500


Punch and kick 10% of strength as gamage
grapple 20% of strength as damage
Ki blast 10% of Ki as damage
galick gun
Eraser Cannon 25.0% of Ki as damage

Scouter - A device that latches onto your ear with a green screen covering your eye.
Scouter Upgrade - An upgrade for the Scouter, it also has a built-in dragon radar.
Effect: Allows you to read any power level and search for the dragonballs.
Saibamen seed x5

Training gear
1 Ton Boots - Weighted boots for training.
Effect: Adds 100 to pl in training.
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