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 Dragonball Z: Shattered Hope

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PostSubject: Dragonball Z: Shattered Hope   Tue Jan 11, 2011 1:51 am

Dragonball Z: Shattered Hope is a brand new DBZ RPG that is celebrating it's grand opening tonight!

So what's different about Shattered Hope from any other DBZ RPG? Well.....

- 9 Pickable Races each with 2 of their own unique traits, including bio androids ability to create jr. versions of themselves!
- 35+ Learnable techniques that will give you an edge in battle, including the Kamehameha and Body Change!
- 4 Galaxies, 26 Planets, each with multiple unique quests to complete
- A Hyperbolic Time Chamber, which only allows weaker players to train in order to catch up to the more powerful players
- An all new fighting system which guarantees each fight to be different, and closes the gap in powerlevels
- New items which help you in battle
- Site sagas that unravel the story of Shattered Hope
- Tournaments
- Most importantly, fun! Very Happy

So if you're looking for a DBZ RPG unlike the rest come join us here =>

I looked around your forum and I saw that you only have a few active members, you'd all be more than welcome to join.
I will come back periodically to see if anybody wants to join, this offer is always open too in case you change your minds Smile
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Dragonball Z: Shattered Hope
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