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 Mars Quests

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PostSubject: Mars Quests   Thu Aug 07, 2008 3:04 pm

You found a diary of a great explorer, it speaks of great power and riches, can you get the power and riches?

Quest 1: You found the entrance, fight your way in! Will you get the treasure in the halls, or die fighting for it?

Quest 2: You found a small treasure room, steal the treasure and kill the guards! Will you get rich or die trying to?

Quest 3: You've found a huge room full of riches! Is this what the diary spoke of? But it never mentioned that it was guarded so very heavily!! Will you successfully complete your adventure and grab the treasure, or will you be killed by the guards?

Quest 4: You've thought you've cleared the dungeon, but suddenly you encounter the grand treasure room! Will you defeat the most powerful guardians of the treasure and manage to slip to victory? Or will they tear you to shreds? Let's hope!!

You have to complete Quest 1 to do Quest 2, etc.
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Mars Quests
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