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 Quest for the Black Star Dragon Ball

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PostSubject: Quest for the Black Star Dragon Ball   Wed Aug 20, 2008 4:54 pm

Black Star Dragon Balls
Mr. Popo does a little spring cleaning around Kamis Lookout. He sees a bowl which contains seven dusty round stones. As he dust them off, he notices that they are actually Dragon Balls. As Mr. Popo touches these new dragon balls, they scatter throughout the earth.

Quest Requirements for phase 1-3: Pl must be at least 1,000,000
All guardians PL with change if yours is higher than the one required.
Phase 1: Locate the first three dragon balls and destroy the guardian.

Gaurdian Stats: Pl - 1,000,000
Reward: 1,500z

Phase 2: You locate two more dragon balls, now you must destroy the gaurdian.

Gaurdian Stats: Pl - 1,000,000
Reward: 2,500z

Phase 3: A dinosaur has the remaining dragon balls, defeat it and take the dragon balls.

Dinosaur Stats: Pl - 1,000,000
Reward: 3,000

Phase 4: You try summoning the dragon but an evil force appears, destroy the evil dragon and make your wishes.

Evil Dragon Stats: Pl - 4,500,000
Reward: 2 wishes

Wishes: 2
You can wish for
-50 Bp
-25% to pl
-Revive any dead person
-Create your own planet

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PostSubject: Re: Quest for the Black Star Dragon Ball   Wed Nov 19, 2008 6:15 pm

The only thing is these dragonballs take several phases so if someone wants to take the dragonballs from you all they have to do is knock you out in the quest or steal them if they're a theif.

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Quest for the Black Star Dragon Ball
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