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 Job Listings

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PostSubject: Job Listings   Thu Nov 27, 2008 2:31 pm

Body gaurd
Become a body gaurd when you help some one form being jumped in a quest or for players. Also you can follow a character around for a extra 100 zenie per day.
Gain 3,000 Zenie and 1000 pl per quest or battle with a person.

Conquar system

Take out the strongest warrior on the planet must be done like a quest if there is no protector.Gain the tax of 1,200 zenie weekly

Take out the strongest warrior on the planet.Gain the tax of 1,200 zenie weekly

you get 2,000 zenie for your service per week for keeping the one of the top 3 planets vegeta, earth, and namek from being destroyed. you also get 2,500 for all the evil minion you kill that want to kill your planet. Only one person can be the protector of one planet at a time and can be challenged for the title at anytime.

Planet killer.
Get 2,500 zenie for every planet you destroy, and 500 zenie for every protector you kill.

Health of planet
All planets star at 100% but can blow up with massive amount of energy in attacks.

Assisian and thief
Being a assisian mean you need to be payed for a hit and the more hit you get the more money you make. 5,000 zenie per hitbecome a thief and when you are in a spar or fight depending if your character has more speed than your opponites sight speed and your twice as intelligent. you gain one item your choice if you manage to do it that is. If your speed is low and your intelligence is so too you can roll two dice and if you get two ones you have been suscesful in taking an item.


Clothing technology: takes 7 days to become a certified clothing designer. This allows you to make clothes.

Items you can make:

Saiyan Armor-takes 4 days to make
Wieghted clothing-takes 4 days to make
Heat Resistant clothing-takes 2 days to make
Insulated clothing-takes 2 days to make


Agriculture Technology: takes 5 days to become a senzu bean farmer. This lets you grow 1 senzu bean every 4 days without stopping your training.

Any place
Blacksmith Technology: takes 6 days to become a blacksmith. This allows you to make swords.
Items you can make:

Steel Sword-takes 1 day to make
Jagged Edged Sword-takes 4 days to make
Diamond Edged Sword-takes 10 days to make
Zet Sword-takes 16 days to build

Student- no requirements- 180z on friday

Farmer- no requirements- 200z on friday

Military Grunt- no requirements- 225 on friday

Kung Fu Instructor or sensi- 10k pl- 750z on friday + 250z if you train someone in the dojo

Supreme martial arts Master- 15k pl- 5k on thursday + 300z for training someone in the dojo

-to become master you need to be a studet then train atleast 10 people atleast one move.

Capsule Corps.- 4k pl- 1k on friday + promotions are availiable

Mechanical Technology: takes 8 days to become a certified mechanic. This allows you to build machinery.
Items you can build:
Gravitron-takes 10 days to build
Base-takes 5 days to build
Space Base-takes 16 days to build
Team Ship-takes 10 days to build
Healing Tank-takes 6 days to build
Scouter-takes 1 day to build
Dragonball Locator-takes 4 days to build
Saiyan Space Pod-takes 5 days to build
Capsule Corp Ship-takes 8 days to build

Assasin- 100k pl- whatever the contract owner pays you + 2.5k from you protector

Sports Superstar- 10k pl- 8k per month

Business Owner- 15k pl- 6k per month

Lawyer- 25k pl must have been a student for a full month- 2k a week

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Job Listings
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