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 Independent Saga

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PostSubject: Independent Saga   Mon Sep 29, 2008 9:34 pm

When entering the saga you may enter as a team our on your own. If you encounter each other on this quest you have the option to have any type of match you wish. Right after your match quickly add your stats and continue.

Anyone can participate...
There are no rules...

This is an extreme journey of death. When on the planet Shirudia, you come across an old women who has a story to tell. She tells you a story about a dark lord who set out to conquer this planet. She gives you a map with directions to the palace of the dark lord. The dark lords uses the beasts of these lands as his soilders.


Normal stat gains for all fights
25,000z if you survive
1,000z if you die
15% of your Pl if you finish
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Independent Saga
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