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PostSubject: Stats   Thu Aug 07, 2008 2:32 am

You divide your stats how ever you want the best way is more on ki and strength

Powerlevel - This is a judgement of how powerful you are and your powerlevel is what you devide into your stats, not including health and ki.Your pl equals your strength speed accuracy Intelligence and ki combined

Health - Health is a measure of how healthy you are. It is three fourths or 100% of your power level . When it reaches 0 you are knocked out, your opponent can choose to kill you depending on the fight.

Ki - used up in energy attacks. 500 ki for a ki blast and 10,000 for fininsher and 25,000 for super finisher

Strength - determines melee attacks.

Speed - How fast you are. Determines who goes first in a fight and how well you can dodge. if your slower you get hit once atleast when you try and dodge.

-Sight Speed - Your sight speed is 200% of your speed this is the speed at wich you can see people move. If someone's speed is higher than your sight speed, you can't see them when they're moving at full speed.

Accuracy - Accuracy is how fast you can attack and how well you can hit your mark.

Intelligence - determines how many moves you can know , five hundred per energy finisher
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